A Life of Travel

My full time job is not traveling; it does not take me to beautiful locations around the world, and rarely do I go where I haven’t already been. Instead, I seek out opportunities and jump on any chance to experience something new.  If you have a passion for travel, I believe you can bring back what you love and incorporate it into your daily life. This is what I hope for, turning something occasional into something constant, while in the meantime, enriching my days in Las Vegas with bits and pieces of my past travel life.

Outside of the Unites State, I have been lucky enough to visit 12 countries (in order of visited):

Costa Rica

My three trips to Europe have all occurred within the last three years and it has quickly become my favorite area to visit. The charm of walking down cobbled stone streets and sneaking into coffee shops, the history of buildings, palaces, museums, every turn brings up something special. In future posts I will detail trip specifics, country and city highlights, as well as tips for each area. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

in Norway, on the train from Bergen to Oslo
a bridge with something extra in Amsterdam
standing in Gamla Stan, a famous square in Stockholm, Sweden
a bike with flowers in Budapest, Hungary
enjoying the views in San Sebastian, Spain

Traveling is something that has become a huge part of my life. This blog will cover all aspects of my travels from what I have learned to what I wish I knew; my best travel tips and my necessities for a long flight. I will post the most special moments and the moments that left more to be desired. I will highlight both international and domestic locations through places I have visited and places I hope to go. This blog will be a journey through it all, and a never-ending journey at that, as I know my travels will continue.

Author: Elizabeth Nubel

Incorporating a travel lifestyle into my everyday life.

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