Breakfast Abroad

On any given weekday you can find me at my desk, eating a breakfast bar and drinking a cup of coffee. I usually skip breakfast on the weekends in lieu of a bigger lunch or I’ll have brunch that is often too much. But, on my trips to Europe breakfast is my favorite meal, and often one of favorite parts of the day. I go to bed looking forward to trying somewhere new or returning to a favorite spot.

a popular Swedish pastry made with oats and chocolate

Eating meals is such an intrinsic part of the travel experience. More often than not, it’s a fundamental introduction to a given countries culture. At home, I would never consider indulging with a pastry or a specialty coffee. Monday through Friday, my meals are mundane and repetitive. They are quick, simple, filling, and they wake me up. Yet, when I’m traveling my breakfast routine couldn’t be more different. Regardless of where I go, I usually can’t resist a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino. But on the other days I will always try what is the cultural standard for breakfast.

the most amazing crepes in Bratislava
my go-to chocolate croissant

Throughout Europe, especially in the Nordic areas, the common breakfast includes a sandwich. At first, this struck me as odd, but I only needed one morning to fully embrace the idea. My ideal breakfast everyday became half of a sandwich, a chocolate croissant and either a cappuccino or an au lait (and sometimes a fresh glass of orange juice). At home I am always aware of my caloric intake, when I’m travelling, I walk so much that I eat everything I can just to keep my energy up. Even if I’m being over indulgent, it’s something I truly appreciate when traveling. Sipping my coffee and enjoying a calm moment in a new city before the rush of the day begins has proven to hold some of my favorite travel memories.

coffee, a sandwich, & a chocolate pastry – my perfect combo
it looked as good as it tasted

Traveling brings so much to my life. With each trip it’s changing and shaping the way I do things. And I find that some things are best reserved for travel. A salami sandwich at 9:00 a.m. hits the spot in Oslo, but the moment I get back to Las Vegas it loses all of it’s appeal. My fiancé and I try and I often try to find European bakeries, simply because we cannot be constantly traveling and this proves the easiest way to satiate, if only for a moment, our European longings.

the lightest, most delicious pancakes

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