The One Thing I Never Travel Without

There is one thing that I pack on every trip regardless of duration, time of year, or location. Aside from the obvious (phone, I.D.), my most essential item is my Kindle. This little e-reader is honestly one of the best things to happen to book lovers. Especially, those who love to travel and read – a good vacation and a good book go hand in hand!

It might sound dramatic, but few things have revolutionized travel, for me, more than my kindle. I love to read, and while traveling I think there is no better form of entertainment. I remember being in Hawaii for two weeks as a kid, half my suitcase was clothes and bathing suits; the other half was my books. But now, my reading options are seemingly endless. Not only that, but a Kindle weighs next nothing and is small enough to fit in my purse. Even on day-long work trips where I am constantly on the move with just my purse I can have it with me. Or, if you are on a train/metro ride it is as simple to carry as a phone. Plus, the battery lasts for so long I never worry about it running out on the fight and I usually only charge it once on a long trip. On top of everything it is very affordable.

To me, a Kindle far surpasses all other e-readers and tablets . The functions are limited, but what it offers in terms of reading is spot on. I love that Kindle uses E Ink which wonderfully simulates the pages of a book and doesn’t strain the eyes. The battery lasts for weeks at a time as it only has the one function. With a tablet the backlight, ability to surf the web, watch videos, and play games are great – but it kills your battery. When it comes down to reading – and the kindle can’t be beat.

Part of my excitement for a trip comes with the knowledge that I’ll be starting a new book. And if I finish that, I have endless options in an 8” by 5” device that fits in my coat pocket. It sounds like an obvious thing to bring, but I couldn’t travel without it.

Author: Elizabeth Nubel

Incorporating a travel lifestyle into my everyday life.

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  1. I too love to have my kindle with me when I travel. I would love to hear more about the types of books you read when on vacation. Great blog!!

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